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Welcome to my website.  I am a playwright and novelist.


I have written plays for casts of one and plays for casts of sixty.  I have been writing plays for so long that I no longer feel like I am having a seizure in the rehearsal room.  I am a member of Bold Text Playwrights http://boldtextcollective.wordpress.com.  We produce our own work with the help of Birmingham Rep and other venues in the West Midlands.  


I don’t often feel like it but I must be a bit of a brainbox because I have an M.A. with Distinction in Playwriting and a PhD.


I am in the process of sending out my first novel Monkey Boots, a twisted chicklit murder mystery, and I am currently in receipt of an Arts Council grant to research and develop a second novel - an epic love story spanning the Irish War of Independence and the Russian Revolution.   I am greatly helped in this gargantuan task by the mighty Tindal St Fiction Group http://tindalstreetfictiongroup.com/.


I live in Birmingham with my partner and 7 year old son.


I like trees.


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Will expire on "2065-12-31"

My children's play PRINCESS PING PONG, which won the International Playwriting Competition 'Judges' Prize is published on the prize-winners website Trinity IPC Collection.